Field Trips

Field Trip T6 – Central Apennine – Maiella

Post-Congress Field Trip

6-9 May 2022

The submarine dune field of the Bolognano Fm: depositional processes and the potential carbonate reservoir (Chattian to Burdigalian, Majella Carbonate Platform)

Marco Brandano (University of Rome, Italy)
Laura Tomassetti (University of Rome, Italy)
Irene Cornacchia (University of Rome, Italy)


Excellent continuous exposures of Oligocene to Miocene carbonate ramp deposits along the Majella NNW flank (e.g. Orfento and S. Bartolomeo valleys), allow to investigate facies changes both along and across the ramp environment.

The field trip will analyse the spectacular submarine dune field developing during the Chattian and the Burdigalian. Relationships among sedimentary structures and depositional processes, among stratigraphic architecture and syn/post-depositional tectonics are investigated and discussed. Moreover, extensive well known bitumen shows, found both along fractured zones and in the rock matrix, are analysed and possible controlling factors are discussed.


The trip will start from Matera and will end in Rome. Participants are advised to plan their return flight from Rome or Pescara airports.

The fieldtrip is planned as few minutes walks for reaching outcrops. The excursion take place at relatively mid altitude (700 – 2000 m), all the participants require comfortable walking boots, a waterproof jacket is essential. In September, the weather is relatively stable although quick changes with rain are possible.

Number of participants

min 8 – max 14


300 Euros (inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals and material)

Geological Field Trips and Maps - Volume 12 (2.3)/2020

Field Trip T6 - The submarine dune field of the Bolognano Fm: depositional processes and the carbonate reservoir potential (Chattian to Burdigalian, Majella Carbonate Platform)

DOI: - Pages: 1-42

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